Project Details

Introducing to you:
Echobot, an exploring robot, this robot is searching for life-form on a planet it’s placed on by an space-shuttle.
It drives about 25km/h on rough terrains and scans a terrain with it’s ‘eye’ on the front.

Echobot was modeled with Autodesk Maya in about 6 hours, shaded with some basic shaders and rendered with V-Ray.

To create an space environment for it, it has been exported as an .obj and imported into Vue Xstream to finalize 2 different scenes, searching for life-form.

This model can be bought as an 3D print!

Used Software:
Autodesk Maya, V-Ray, Vue Xstream.

Used Autodesk Maya Techniques:
Vertex, Face and Edge mode modeling, extruding, edgeloops, CV curve tool, mirror geometry, smooth mesh.

Used Renderer:
V-Ray, spot light.

Used Vue Xstream Techniques:
Procedural Terrain, paint some weird materials on it and create an space atmosphere, rendered with a direct Sun light

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