Harley Davidson

Project Details

This Harley Davidson project took a lot of hours, maybe 20 to create, mostly on the engine part in the middle because of all those hoses and small parts.
A lot of different techniques where used, from CV Curve tool to Extruding.

When the model was finished, I created some basic shaders and rendered it with Mentalray, I thought this machine must be standing in an Arizona liked scene, so I exported it as an .obj from Maya and imported it into Vue Xstream when the fun part began.

Within Vue Xstream I added an High-field Terrain and painted it with Arizona rocks and placed some Cactus and stone pebbles, and rendered the scene with a Arizona sky and direct Sun light on top of it.

Used Software:
Autodesk Maya, Mentalray, Vue Xstream.

Used Autodesk Maya Techniques:
Vertex, Face and Edge mode modeling, extruding, edgeloops, CV curve tool, mirror geometry, smooth mesh.

Used Renderer:
Mentalray, spot light.

Used Vue Xstream Techniques:
High-field Terrain, added cactus and stone pebbles.
Render with Arizona sky and direct Sun light.

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