Fiat Cartoon Car

This is my first car project, a Fiat Cartoon Car.

I created it after I saw an picture on the internet and get inspired to create a 3D model of this Cartoony Car with that typical Fiat “feeling”

It took about 7 hours to finish the model with Autodesk Maya using the reference I saw on internet, after that I created some shaders for it and placed a spot light from the render editors and placed a standard sky, Then finally rendered the scene with V-Ray.

After all of that I thought it must be placed in a sort of Italian styled scene off course and exported the base mesh from Maya as an .obj and imported it into Vue Xstream to add some more details to the scene, and also played with some rusted materials.

Used Software
Autodesk Maya, V-Ray, Vue Xstream

Used Autodesk Maya Techniques:
Vertex, Face and Edge mode modeling, extruding, edgeloops, CV curve tool, mirror geometry, smooth mesh.

Used Renderer:
V-Ray, Spot Light and a Sky

Used Vue Xstream Techniques:
Procedural terrain, painted materials Grass, Conifer and some stones.
Render with a direct Sun light